Hello. I practice design every day to create experiences that delight users and drive understanding. I currently serve as a creative director in Bellevue, Washington working with some of the biggest brands in the world. Stay a while and learn more about me and what I have done.


Current favorite phrases

Push it further. Great work! Commit. Make it emotional. I hear you. Go crazy. Can it stand alone? The gestalt.


Every day I get to collaborate with disciplines inside and outside design to take on dynamic problems. Whether it is a marketing campaign, a branding exercise, or a web tool, you always need to be focused on creating a meaningful user experience. Design should make things pretty always be thinking about how to transform user pain into solutions that feel effortless. I am a passionately curious about the rapidly changing world around us and how human-centric design can challenge the status-que to create a better future for everyone.


Creative Director

Indigo Slate | 2.2013 - Present

Responsible for contributing, leading, pitching, and managing design team pipeline. Worked with other company department leads to create a collaborative ecosystem to enable constant iteration that drives to delight clients and their customers.

Joined the company as a Senior Designer, was promoted to Art Director after one year and to Creative Director in the fall of 2016. Designed or led the creation of hundreds of unique deliverables. Grew the design team from three members total, to 20+ individuals that include visual designers, UX designers, illustrators, and front-end developers. Created a team culture that demands excellence through continual growth.


Lead Designer

Dive Xtras | 7.2008 - 2.2013

Lead designer in charge of all branding and marketing materials. I worked closely with the engineers to ensure their design decisions were communicated effectively across all marketing mediums.

Produced product focused websites, e–commerce solutions, business card, packaging, logos, brochures, T-shirts, videos, trade show displays, and a poster in my tenure with the company.


B.A., Visual

Seattle Pacific University

Seattle, Washington
Graduation 08.2006


3D Modeling for Games


Bellevue, Washington
Graduation 06.2010