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Microsoft’s Fast Track team approached Indigo Slate for help making their booth at their annual IT-centric “Ignite” conference a hit. They wanted an engaging experience that highlights how the role of IT professionals is changing.

Our solution was to create a multi-faceted web experience that could be used at the event with a Surface Hub and continue after online. An intro video personifies the old (on-premises only) and new (cloud enabled) ways of thinking in a positive manner that leaves the user feeling motivated to learn more. Five unique games/experiences further show the differences between these two mind sets. Additional content is available for users to continue learning about a cloud-enabled workplace in one location.

You can currently download and read all the issues here.

Design thinking applied: campaign, digital, video, motion


creative direction

Michael Bartley

art direction

Jeremy Bonner


Jeremy Bonner, Sarah Xanthakis & Aubrey Lange

technical content

Jeff Roach & Terri Ventura


Emily Payne & Adam Finley

video & motion

Heather Alabado & Chris Fleck