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Indigo Slate brand

Indigo Slate

Indigo Slate is a marketing agency with a passion for technology. They create B2B and B2C collateral that speaks directly to their client's audience. Their unique place in the market has been the marrying of strategy/technical knowledge with creative thinking.

The visual system is focused on demonstrating the values (authentic, wise, unique, and grit) for the relationship-based company. To stand out from the sea of marketing agencies, we focused on bright colours, digital gradients, and handmade layouts. This has been applied in the creation of many standard brand assets, along with many internal and external marketing campaigns.

Design thinking applied: branding, digital, print, packaging


creative direction

Michael Bartley

art direction

Jeremy Bonner


Jeremy Bonner, Anna Zaremba, Catherine Mondoy, Minhye Kim, Mikey Ferdinand, Sarah Xanthakis & Zachary Davis


Keilee Kramer, Adam Edlich, & Adam Finley

motion design

Nick Beeson, Jesse Liebart, Chris Lorance, & Chad Welch


Duane Schrode